Who won the naismith awards in 2008?

Minerva Witting asked a question: Who won the naismith awards in 2008?
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🏆 What were the names of the awards that james naismith got?

Some are two of them Wickstead award Best all around athlete (Silver Cup)

🏆 Who won the naismith award in 2011?

Jimmer Fredette, guard and plays for BYU

🏆 What actors and actresses appeared in 2008 billboard latin music awards - 2008?

The cast of 2008 Billboard Latin Music Awards - 2008 includes: Celina Beach as herself Alan Tacher as Himself - Host

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Tyler Hansbrough and Candace Parker

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Who was the host of bet awards 2008?

D.L. Hughes, a comedian. Took 15 seconds to find it on google ;)

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What are the ratings and certificates for nickelodeon kids' choice awards 2008 - 2008 tv?

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008 - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

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What is the naismith award and the dial award?

The Dial Award was presented annually by the Dial Corporation to the male and female American high-school athlete/scholar of the year.

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What are the release dates for 2008 american music awards red carpet live - 2008 tv?

2008 American Music Awards Red Carpet Live - 2008 TV was released on: US 23 November 2008

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Who hosted the prime time emmy awards in 2008?

It was hosted by the five nominees for the first-time award for Best Reality Show Host. They were: Tom Bergeron ("Dancing with the Stars"), Heidi Klum ("Project Runway"), Howie Mandel ("Deal or No Deal"), Jeff Probst ("Survivor") and Ryan Seacrest ("American Idol"). The award went to Probst.

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What game show won the most emmy awards at the 2008 emmy awards?

Who wants to be a millionaire.

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When was naismith prep player of the year award created?

Naismith Prep Player of the Year Award was created in 1987.

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Who is the naismith outstanding contributor to women's basketball award?

  • The Naismith Outstanding Contributor to Women’s Basketball Award is presented annually to an individual whose extraordinary efforts have made contributions of outstanding significance and have created a long-lasting positive impact on the game of basketball.

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How many filmfare awards did shahrukh khan win in 2008?

15 filmfare awards he got

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What actors and actresses appeared in 35th annie awards - 2008?

The cast of 35th Annie Awards - 2008 includes: Tom Kenny as Himself - Host

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Which film won the 2008 academy awards for best picture?

During the 2008 Academy Awards, the film that won the award for best picture was Slumdog Millionaire. It also won awards for best director and best adapted screenplay.

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Who won favorite movie actor at kids choice awards 2008?

johnny depp

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In the dove awards of the 2008 is jon foreman nervous?

no?? he's such a entertaining guy

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What are the release dates for 35th annie awards - 2008 tv?

35th Annie Awards - 2008 TV was released on: US 8 February 2008 (internet)

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Which animated movie won at the kids choice awards in 2008?

Tarzan 2

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Who won best british breakthrough act at the 2008 brit awards?


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Who won the award for best actress in filmfare awards 2008?

Kareena Kapoor – Jab We Met as Geet Dhillon

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What are the release dates for the movie preview awards - 2008 tv?

The Movie Preview Awards - 2008 TV was released on: US 26 May 2008

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Where can you get tickets for the uk 2008 kids choice awards?

you could go to exel London a week in advanced and buy them

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Who was the biggest winner of the mtv video music awards 2008?

the answer is Peter Gabriel won with 20 Awards

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