Why did taylor swift say what at the cma awards?

Ignacio O'Kon asked a question: Why did taylor swift say what at the cma awards?
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🏆 What awards do taylor swift have?

The list of nominations and awards won by Taylor Swift can be found at this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Taylor_Swift

🏆 What awards has taylor swift received?

Taylor has also won teen choice awards and best video and album awards and Grammies shes won many other awards as well Taylor Swift has won CMAs (Country Music Awards), one in 2007 for Top New Female vocalist, she was the Top Female Vocalist, won best video and album, and also received the Crystal Milestone Award in 2009( A huge honor!). In 2008 she won a Grammy for best new artist. She also won an AMA (American Music Award) for favorite female country artist in 2008. Taylor has won a plethora of other awards including five CMTs (Country Music Television Awards), one MTV Europe Music Award, one VMA ( Video Music Award), an NSAI ( Nashville Songwriters Association International Award) with Alan Jackson, three teen choice awards, one Young Hollywood Award, one CMT online award, three Nashville Music Awards and one Channel (V) Thailand Music Video Award. She is also nominated for the People's Choice Awards, Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Award, and the AMAs for this year or next year. Those award shows have yet to take place. Taylor has also won teen choice awards and best video and album awards and Grammies shes won many other awards as well

🏆 What are awards that taylor swift has?

  • Taylor Swift won three awards at the 2018 American Music Awards, including the biggest honor of the night, artist of the year. The three AMAs made her the most decorated musician ever in AMA history. Swift made her first awards show performance at the AMAs in three years with "I Did Something Bad.".

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After performing Back to December it looked like Taylor said "what?"

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What did taylor swift sing at the acm awards?

  • The singer-songwriter will be taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry house in Nashville to perform the song “Betty” from her most recent album Folklore. The performance marks the first time in seven years that Swift will be performing at the ACM Awards according to Billboard.

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What grammy awards did taylor swift win in 2013?

Taylor Swift won 'Best Song Written for Visual Media' for her song Safe and Sound that she wrote for the Hunger games in 2013.

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What nickelodeon kids chose awards has taylor swift won?

Taylor Swift won in Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards 2010. Hope that helps!

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What songs has taylor swift won for music awards?


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How many awards has taylor swift won 2018?

billboard awards american music awards

Her eighth studio album, Folklore, won Album of the Year at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, making Swift the fourth artist ever to win the prize thrice, and the first woman to do so. ... List of awards and nominations received by Taylor Swift.

Swift at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards
showAwards and nominations

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How many gramy awards did taylor swift win?

This year 0

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How many total awards has taylor swift won?

Taylor Swift has been nominated a total of 86 times, and has won 59 awards. Actually nominated: 94 and won: 59 as of 3-9-10

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Is taylor swift in the cmt music awards?


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What did taylor swift win at the american music awards?

  • Taylor Swift received the Artist of the Decade award, and was also the most awarded artist of the night with six wins, becoming the most awarded artist in the award's history with 29 wins and extending her record in the categories of Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album.

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Does taylor swift have more awards than michael jackson?

Taylor Swift now holds the record for most American Music Awards surpassing Michael Jackson's total on Sunday night. The Berks County native accepted won six 2019 American Music Awards honors, increasing her career total to 29, beating out Jackson's 24 wins.

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How many awards did taylor swift win at billboard?

  • The biggest stars in music lit up the stage of Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena for the Billboard Music Awards . But no one beamed brighter than Taylor Swift, who netted eight awards.

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Who was taylor swift with at the billboard awards?

Her father Scott Swift

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Will taylor swift be at the iheartradio awards 2021?

Taylor Swift Calls Folklore Her 'Emotional Life Raft' at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Taylor Swift is (virtually) in the house! The "Style" singer, 31, made a special appearance via video at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Thursday to accept the award for pop album of the year for Folklore.

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What song did taylor swift perform at the 2011 cma awards?

she performed Ours. Ours is a song about her fans and how she loves us. I love taylor swift can you guys help me meet her.Thanks

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Why did kanye west interrupt taylor swift at the awards?

Because he was drunk.

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How many awards taylor swift won at the 2009 county music awards?


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Who said mean stuff about taylor swift at the music awards?

Kanye West said rude things at the music awards.

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How many award does taylor swift have?

Taylor has won 10 awards, making her the second most awarded artist ever, and the most awarded female in the show's history. Taylor has won 68 BMI awards. These award honor songwriters in various genres.

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When did taylor swift get an award?

yes, she has won many awards, including a few at the cma's

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Did taylor swift win a award at the 2012 kids choice awards?

yes she won the big help award. The first lady gave it to her.

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What was the most special award taylor swift accept?

The greatest award Taylor Swift has ever accepted that she loved was the ones from the tween choice awards i think.

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Who stole the microphone from taylor swift at the 2009 mtv music awards?

Kanye West.......

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When did taylor swift get her first award?

she won her first award in 2007.

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